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Customizing Optimized Jobname


Currently when a job is optimized using InfoSphere Balanced Optimization and saved, by default it saves as <job name>_Optimized1. But if a user would like to save job with customized name, for example <job name>_Picasso to every optimized job then instead of modifying job name after each optimization we can tweak, so that optimized job will be saved with desired name.

Current Scenario
Let’s say we have job by name BDFSTest01 as given in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Sample Job


When we optimize and save the job by default we see optimized job name as BDFSTest01_Optimized1 given in Figure 2

Figure 2: Sample optimized Save dialog

Suppose if a user would like to change the optimized job name by appending a keyword or date, for example, BDFSTest01_Optimized_May2014 to each of the optimized jobs, then user has to modify the default name for each and every job. So instead of modifying each optimized job to add the desired keyword, InfoSphere Balanced Optimization provides a way to change the default optimized job name.

Let’s see How?
InfoSphere Balanced Optimization is a client side tool. So open windows explorer on your client machine and if InfoSphere DataStage Client is installed with Administrator user then go to location  
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\IBM\InformationServer\DataStage Client\<UniqueKey>\BalOp\common\etcFor example you will see location as given below
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\IBM\InformationServer\DataStage Client\41e35a53-3b15-4694-875c-8c446f7c0d84\BalOp\common\etc

Open “” in any editor and you will see entries as shown below in  Figures 3 and 4.

Figure 3: Location of “”

Figure 4: Default entries of “”

Modify entry optimize.newname.def=<N>_Optimized<S> to your desired text
For example, optimize.newname.def=<N>_Optimized_ May2014_<S> then you will see optimized job names as <job name>_Optimized_May2014_1 as shown in below Figure5

Note: Restart Designer after modifying “” to reflect the changes.

Figure 5: Optimized job name after modifying “”

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