Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Importing metadata using Greenplum Connector through InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager

Starting InfoSphere Information Server 11.3 version, IMAM (InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager) supports importing of metadata from Greenplum Database. A new connector “Greenplum Connector” is made available for it. The Greenplum connector imports implemented data resources such as database tables and columns from Greenplum database versions 4.2.7 and 4.3. In order to import metadata, you need to first create and configure DSN for Greenplum database. 

Creating and Configuring DSN in Windows

You can configure access to a Greenplum database by configuring an ODBC data source definition (DSN) for Greenplum and by adding the directory location of the Greenplum parallel file distribution program (gpfdist) to the system path. The Greenplum Connector uses ODBC to connect and to execute statements and uses the gpfdist program to exchange data with the Greenplum database. Here are the detail steps

1. Start the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator.
- On a 32-bit Windows computer, click Start > Control panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).
- On a 64-bit Windows computer, navigate to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe

2. Go to System DSN tab and click on 'Add

3. Select the IBM Greenplum Wire Protocol driver from list of available drivers and click Finish.

4. Enter the DNS related information like Host name, Port number and Database Name and then click on 'Test connect' button verify the connection.
5. Enter the Database name, User name and password and then press OK to logon to Greenplum database. If connection is successful then click 'Ok' on the next screen and then click on 'Finish' button.

Importing Metadata Using IMAM

1. Open InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager, then go to “Import Tab”. Create new Import area by clicking on “Create Import Area” tab in “Import” tab. Give the name of the Import Area, select the Metadata Interchange Server and then Select Greenplum connector under Pivotal category as shown below

2. Select connector parameters like DataConnection (If not available then click on icon to create new connection using step 3), Select the assets to you want to import.

3. Create Data Connection if not already available. Provide all the necessary information like the DSN name, User name, Password and Database. To verify the connection, click on 'Test Connection' button. Check the “Save Password' checkbox if you want to save the password. Click OK to exit

4. Click on Icon next to “Assets to Import” field from the parameter screen to select all the assets you want to import and click on “OK” button

5. Select the Host system and Database under which you want import metadata or key-in the names and then click on Next button

6. Select either 'Express Import' or 'Managed Import' to import metadata into repository

7. Verify the data in Repository Management after the successful import.

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