Friday, 19 August 2016

Creating a IBM DataWorks Forge service instance in Bluemix

IBM has a data integration service offering on the cloud called as IBM DataWorks Forge.  It is targeted towards the citizen analyst persona (business user).   Citizen analyst make use of various kinds of analytic tools available in the cloud for doing analytics.  One of the first things that they need is to get their data into the cloud.  This is where IBM DataWorks Forge helps.

IBM DataWorks Forge allows customers to move data from on-prem systems to Cloud as well as from Cloud based sources to other cloud based targets.  IBM DataWorks Forge also supports shaping of data such as joins, filter, string manipulation, standardisation, etc.  In this post I explain how you can create a service instance of IBM DataWorks Forge and start using it.

1. Navigate to and login with your IBM ID.
2. Click on the "Catalog" link in the top navigation bar
3. Search for "DataWorks" in the search bar
4. The DataWorks Icon will be displayed (shown below)

5.  However over it and it will show a button for "View more".  Click on the button.
6. Select the plan which you wish to subscribe to.  Change the service name if needed and click on "Create"
7. Navigate to the Dashboard using the top navigation bar.  It will show the newly created DataWorks Forge service instance in the list of services.
8.  Click on the DataWorks service instance. It will open the DataWorks landing page.
9.  Click on the arrow at the right part of the screen.
10. This will launch the DataWorks GUI and you are all set to use DataWorks!

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